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The diversity talent solution approaches we build together with you guarantee that your short and long-term hiring objectives are realized and that we are able to help you recruit employees and retain the top talents your organization deserves.

Talent Without Frontiers will provide staffing solutions, including a wide spectrum of candidates ranging from entry-level to  C-suite professionals. Our team has more than 15+ years of experience providing general and HR solutions. The benefits of working with our career experts include:


  • Rapid engagement

  • Virtual contract recruitment

  • On-site contract recruitment

  • Project recruitment

  • Contained search

  • Reliable recruitment process outsourcing

  • Top-notch research and talent mapping

  • Premier market technology

  • Competitive hiring solutions

  • Increased creativity and innovation

  • Global impact and diversity in talent recruitment

Our Employee Recruitment And Retainment Method

Transparency is encouraged for building a customized system to attract, hire and retain your top performers. Through conversation and a detailed questionnaire, we collect in-depth knowledge about your mission and priorities that will allow us to develop a clear strategy for finding the right fit to meet your standards and execute the company vision. We utilize diverse networking groups and modern technology to engage a board pool of candidates. From an early-career applicant to a senior-level executive, every candidate is thoroughly vetted before advancing to the next step of the recruitment process. 

Understanding the significant differentiators and qualities that your top performers possess support us in customizing our recruitment decisions. Instead of recruiting based on quotas, we prioritize the need for diversity in culture, experience and education that will best complement your workplace. We also utilize the following data and tools to guarantee that we not only provide but retain the best candidates whose expertise and values align with your company’s work culture: 

  • Information on sourcing effectiveness by geography and job type for each talent acquisition strategy, tactic and resource advancement

  • Mapping of key milestones over the expected program duration with key increments of performance improvements slotted for: 3 months, 6 months, year 1 and further

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting

  • KPIs and SLAs that are designed to improve upon historical performance with built-in improvements included within the design framework

  • Analysis of management’s emotional intelligence and practices

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