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Diversity. What’s the Big Deal?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Like every aspect of life, diversity brings positive results. When you invest your money

into various options, your portfolio is more financially profitable. When you eat a

diverse diet of healthy foods, your physical health is more vibrant. When you build

diversity into your experience and capabilities, your career blossoms. When you spend

time with different people, your life becomes fuller.

So why, when diversity lends itself to innovation, creativity, and positive company

culture, when it is indeed the core of a winning company, do we struggle so much to

accomplish it?

Perhaps it begins with the numbers game – when a company measures diversity by

percentages of various ethnicities or gender. If our numbers are close to the percentages of our nation’s workforce, then we’re ok, right? Wrong – true diversity will never be a numbers game.

Diversity without inclusion is not diversity. Diversity without respect is not diversity.

Inclusion, respecting, and placing value on every team member, add the dimension that makes diversity happen. It goes beyond mere tolerance or even acceptance

– it the belief that my life is richer because I have the opportunity to know and work with you – both regardless of, and because of, our differences. Deep respect and appreciation for differences empower people, and therefore a business.

It begins with management – if leadership plays the numbers game, rather than

embracing the true meaning and value of diversity, it won’t happen. Acknowledge that

we all have unconscious biases and learn to recognize them. For example, do you respect Ava more than Olivia because she is more attractive? Do you connect with Jack more than Ethan because he shares the same political ideals or attended the same alma

mater? Appreciating diversity/inclusion goes much deeper than ethnicities, gender,

sexual orientation, and all the “biggies.” GDP sums it up quite succinctly,

“Each individual in an organization brings with them a diverse set of perspectives, work, and life experiences, as well as religious and cultural differences. The power of diversity can only be unleashed, and its benefits reaped when we recognize these differences and learn to respect and value each individual, irrelevant of their


So, what are the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

  • It inspires innovation and creativity.

  • It enhances employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

  • It builds the company’s public reputation.

  • It builds the company’s reputation among talent, which makes recruitment easier and retention higher.

  • It increases productivity and builds the bottom line.

If you want to ensure success at the end of the day, teach yourself and your staff about

diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias. Bring it to the table – in the board room,

among leadership, in HR, and the employee lunchroom, over and over again until it

becomes a way of living/working rather than a mere idea.

Talent’s without Frontiers prioritizes the need for diversity in the workplace. From

entry-level to executive-level professionals, we believe that diversity drives innovation.

We work with talent and clients to enhance careers while creating multicultural

workforces that can grow and sustain innovation in today’s marketplace with a vision for

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