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This is an industry on the rise and is exploding from a growth perspective.  It is a new landscape for businesses and will only become more complex and lead to more opportunity for years to come.

We partner with our clients to place professionals for the following jobs:

  • Brand Manager

  • Community Manager

  • Content Manager

  • Digital Content Manager

  • Digital Media Manager

  • Director of Community

  • Communications Planning Director

  • Online Communications

  • Director Social Marketing and Brand Communications Director

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Director of Social Media

  • Director of Social Media Communications

  • Art Director

  • Communications Manager Director

  • Content Manager

  • Creative Director

  • Creative Project Manager

  • Electronic Marketing Manager

  • Intranet Applications Manager

  • Managing Editor

  • Media Director

  • Multimedia Services Manager

  • Production Manager

  • Publicist

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